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Gary Moore

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08/11/14 02:25 PM #1    

Norbert Keeney

I didn't know Gary very well until our senior year. We had senior English together and were doing a lesson on poetry. Terry Borchers, Gary and I had to do a special project on Ballads so we got together and practiced as a trio. Gary played the guitar,while we alll sang like the Kingston Trio! Ha! What great fun that was. "The Legend of Tom Dooley" and "Frankie and Johnny" were two of our "Big Hits". We had a great time and got a good grade. Gary was great fun and a great guy. RIP Gary!


08/12/14 10:44 AM #2    

Paul Yon

Nice recollection Bucky! In 2002 many of us lost a great friend in Gary Moore.  We grew up together on the east side of Kettering. There was Gary, Tom Elliott, Ron Hensley, and myself that "hung out" with the West Side Boys (Jim McClellan, Dave Mueller, Jim Keys, Bob Abernathy, Jerry Quast, and others which after fifty years I can not recall). Gary and I became friends on the play ground of Rolling Fields Elementary. When it was time to go to Jr. High I went to Van Buren and Gary headed to Dwight L. Barnes. But, being from the "neighborhood" we stayed close. We experienced life's growing pains together. We both lived with single mothers and Gary did his best to be the "man of the house". Among some of the more memorable events was the time Gary, Dave Mueller, and myself headed to Russell's Point, Ohio for the annual July 4th celebration. Low and behold we ended up in a full scale riot with the National Guard! It was a good thing they were firing blanks then because one guardsman fired some gun and it made a black mark on Gary's pants. Back in those days tear gas was something new to high school boys.  We camped out at the local camp ground and yes, Gary always brought the guitar and I played my usual bad "air drums".  After he returned from Vietnam we began getting "da boys" back together for golf, cookout, friendship, and the occasional "clearie" which Gary certainly enjoyed serving. The best vodka on the rocks with two blu-cheese stuffed olives you ever had!!!! After the wives retired to the house those remaining would always discuss things you shouldn't discuss after a few vodkas. i.e.. politics, religion, current events. Good thing the wives returned to save humanity! Gary was a dedicated golfer. Loved the game. Oh, the golfing stories he could tell. Unfortunately, most of them were about how bad I played. Twelve years after his passing the boys still get together, but its without two of our best friends, Gary and Dave Mueller. Each year around Xmas time I get together with Tommie Boy, Hens, Aber, and whoever is in town to pay Gary a visit. The tumblers we leave are a reminder that we lost a great friend and that we still "need just one more". Paul Yon

08/13/14 03:18 PM #3    

Karen Atkins (Patton)

Hi to all you guys!  What great memories.  Gary and I were friends from class and just being out with the gang.  I smile very time I think of him.  He didn't care who you were, he was friendly to all always smiling, laughing, etc.  when you boys go again, have one for me...Karen 

08/13/14 05:34 PM #4    

Gayle Hodgkinson (Winkler)

You guys paid wonderful tributes to Gary. i enjoyed reading what you had to say. i did not know gary all that well but I am sure he would be very pleased with your words

08/14/14 09:42 AM #5    

Mark Stachler

Hello All...
Gary was a great guy with anh infectious laugh. I only knew Gary casually at Barnes and Fairmont,but we reconnected years Kramer's Tavern on Irving Avenue near UD. He worked nearby and we would see each other at lunch, or along neck after work or on Saturdays. Thank you all for rekindly great memories....hope to see you in September.

08/14/14 08:00 PM #6    

William Cantrell

Thanks to all of you who remember Gary with kind words and fond memories. I knew Gary from the occasional interaction at Fairmont and because our moms worked together at DESC. We would see each other from their connection. As you have all mentioned, he was fun to be around and fun-loving. a great combination. 

I especially enjoyed your comments, Paul, as all the names you mentioned as part of "the boys" are guys I knew and enjoyed through sports teams and otherwise. I went to college out of state and spent very little time in Kettering after high school. Consequently I have very few high school friends left in my circle. I am really enjoying reading about memories those of you who stayed in town have. I'm sure I would have loved being apart of your group with the "clearies". That is my favorite! With blue cheese, of course.

Thanks again for all your thoughts. See you in September.

Be well,

Bill Cantrell




09/10/14 06:10 PM #7    

Robert Atkins

When I remember Gary Moore, "Gohr" is the first nickname I remember him by. We both went to Barnes and we hit it off from the start. We had many classes together in those years. Gary had such a smirky grin that could turn into the laugh that Mark talked about. I don't remember seeing Gary very often without a smile on his face. We had a lot of fun playing football at Barnes. Those years were some of the best I can remember.

Gohr was one of the guys from the "East side" guys Paul talked about. The East & West guys would have some "ragem-tagem" football on weekends at Kettering hospital. At that time there was a large field just North of the hospital that made a great playing field. I'm sure the hospital allowed it for a while in hopes that we would give the emergency room a little business. I remember Jim Keys with a bloody broken nose but don't remember if he used the ER. Probably not. Those are the days I remember really getting to know the west side guys like Dick Lahanas "Greek" and Jim Keys and the rest of the guys Paul already mentioned along with Gohr!

I had returned to Ohio Bell after four years Air Force and was on a repair call where as it turned out Gary worked. I hadn't been there two minutes when someone shouted out "BOB"…. I turned to see Gary and happy to say were weren't afraid to hug each other in front of his coworkers. Repairs completed we hit Kramer's for lunch like Mark did. We had a long neck "orange pop" since we both had to go back to work. I met him at Kramer's again after work and closed the place down.

I can honestly say that I don't know a person that didn't like Gary or had anything bad to say about him. He was the original nice guy! We have lost so many before their time but gained so much just by knowing them. For me "Gohr" would be at the top with his head halfcocked and that darn grin like he knew something I didn't.

Miss ya Gohr…

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