In Memory

Stephen (Steve) Logan

Steve died 2-13-88

(info from Russell Mitchell)

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04/24/14 11:43 PM #11    

Bryant Welch

Thanks to all of you for your kind and thoughtful comments. They have been just wonderful.



05/09/14 04:23 PM #12    

Jack Kern

Bryant, that was a wonderful tribute. I never knew Steve very well but always admired him. I always wondered what happened to him and why he passed away at such a young age. Thanks for sharing his story.

Norm Kern

05/09/14 06:24 PM #13    

Bryant Welch

Thanks, Norm. It's very nice to hear from you. Every time I struggle with technology I think of how precocious you were in that area and am envious at how much easier your life must've been because of it. Hope to see you in September. Warmly, Bryant

05/10/14 05:58 PM #14    

Meribeth Couser (Brown)

Hello, Meribeth Couser here. Bryant, you captured in words, the beauty of Steves spirit. What a lovely tribute to a beautiful soul. I believe we all carry that greatness and it takes special people to recognize it. Your tender words touched my heart. All the comments are so sensitive and filled with fondness. I am excited to see all you dear classmates in September. Do you wonder, as I do, how we got to 2014 so fast?

05/10/14 07:19 PM #15    

Charlane Bowden


I add my thanks to you for so eloquently sharing Steve’s tragic story and your beautiful friendship with him. To so artfully honor Steve is probably the finest gift you could give us especially in light of the rumors that seemed to dominate any discussion of our classmates over the years. As others have also pointed out, Steve reached across the social lines so prominent in high school life to touch the lives of anyone who seemed to need a helping hand, a kind word or just someone to listen. It is so heartbreaking Steve was that person who was so beloved for his incredible ability to draw people to him and then was tortured by illness that manifested itself in pushing everyone away.

While Steve and I were not close friends, we shared common interests, had some great times and had mutual friends resulting in some special memories that I will treasure always. I thank you for remembering Steve with such compassion, kindness and love - while he deserved your honoring him so masterfully I doubt that he would believe he was worthy. We all needed to be reminded of the importance of reaching out to the people in our lives and there is no better example than “our” Steve Logan.


Char Bowden

05/10/14 10:23 PM #16    

Kathleen Schroeder (Colclasure)

Bryant, your loving tribute honoring Steve'a memory brought him back to us. Thank you! His life made a difference and brought joy and left wonderful memories for his friends and family to cherish. I hope his family knows how much his friends at Fairmont loved him. I am sure seeing the posts would bring a great deal of comfort to them ----and perhaps would bring a laugh or two!? Having such a large class made it difficult for many to find lifelong friends and those who were fortunate to remain friends over the years are truly lucky. I see the profile posts and it makes me so happy to read about everyone - everyone! It doesn't matter who was considered "popular" or not, it's just wonderful to "remember"...thank you for reminding me how important a friendship is and how important or is to tell your friends how much they are loved and needed. Blessings. See you in September! Kathy Schroeder

05/12/14 01:26 PM #17    

William Cantrell


Bryant, what can I say that has not been said about your amazing tribute to Steve. Like so many, I did not know Steve well, and I had admired his seemingly endless charm and ability from afar. I'm pleased to know that I was right--he was an incredible person with so many positive contributions to those he cared about.

I spent very little time in Kettering after graduation and have maintained ties with just a few fellow Dragons. Your thoughtful message tells us much about Steve and also shares so personally about you and your incredible sensitivity about our fellow man. Thanks so much for such a special story about Steve and about you. I hope we can see each other among the many at our reunion.

Best always,

Bill Cantrell

06/23/14 10:33 AM #18    

Sandy Shoemaker

Bryant, I was touched by your heartfelt tribute to Steve Logan. Clearly from the commentary here, Steve's premature passing and the tragic nature of the end of his life have left a deep sense of loss, for those who knew him well and those who did not.  I did not know him well, but one with such capacity for caring friendship as you describe is rare, and will be remembered.  I hope to see you at the reunion.     Sandy

08/11/14 01:57 AM #19    

Susan Davis (Skinner)

Bryant, thank you for your wonderful picture you have painted for all of us of Steve's life. I didn't know Steve till I came to Fairmont as having transfered form St Alberts in 9th grade to go to Vanburen.  I loved sports and since I was a cheerleader I was at every game for football and basketball... and even wrestling home games which I loved watching.  You learn so much by watching and you come to love and admire their abilities, personallties, tenacity, and dedication.  Steve was amazingly talented without being the biggest guy out there.  He was a leader on and off the court.  I even went out with him once after highschool and he was a guy of many questions.

But what I remember the most was in the 80's  when I worked at Merrill Lynch and he would find me at lunch if I was by myself and I would just  sit and listen to him or answer his questions.  I knew him in the good days and I couldn't turn away in the hard and confusing times he was going through.  At times he would speak something true and real and it would catch me off guard. I left Merrill Lynch in 1990, and around 1987-88 he stopped showing up.  I knew he was gone even before I heard the news.  We had talked about it, tried to answer his questions, and  prayed for him to fine his peace with God.  He is still in my memory and always will be.







08/12/14 02:36 PM #20    

Bryant Welch

Again, thank you so much for all of these comments. They have been a wonderful tribute to Steve. I have responded to each privately to avoid disrupting their flow. I look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks. It is such a rich experience to be able to harvest these memories sown when we were on the cusp of adulthood and reaped when we are, hopefully, on the cusp of "wisdom."



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