In Memory

Steven Hola

Steve died in November, 1975

(info from Russell Mitchell)

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06/22/14 12:30 PM #1    

Sandy Shoemaker

If you have seen the movie, "Ferris Beuller's Day Off" you'll have some idea of the direction of this story. It all started in sophomore year world history class.  Steve Hola and Jim Kalat (I think) decided to build 2  four foot by four foot models of two stages of the battle of Waterloo.  They decided to ask me to join in because I could sew the black curtains that were to surround three sides of each huge wood box, as background  for spotlighting directed on the  chicken wire and paper mache terrain, and I could apply some artful painting to the hills and valleys etc. 

One Sunday afternoon we were all to meet at Steve's house to form and paper mache the two models.  My mom dropped me off (in her tomato orange Dodge with rocket fins).  Jim cancelled out, and no one was there but Steve and me.  We decided on strategy and went to work mixing the paper mache, and applying it.

It was all in the name of learning history.  Let me say here and now that I don't remember who threw the first handful of paper mache.  But soon the rec room in Steve's house, and the two of us, were covered  with the glop and painful from laughing.  Steve asked If I had ever been in a Mercedes Benz.  Before I knew it, "Just let's drive around the block"   turned into a crazy (and may I say, unlicensed and illegal ) tour of Kettering in the elder Mr. Hola's Mercedes. 

At length we landed back in Steve's garage.  We cleaned frantically, and finished just in time for the rocket Dodge to pick me up.  Maybe it was more like "The Cat in the Hat "... We never dated, I did not know Steve all that well, but I could not resist sharing this memory.  Steve would always sign my dance card at cotillion and turn his charm and wit to making me laugh. 



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