In Memory

David Herd

Sue Herd, David's wife, informed us of his death 3-4-21. No details were provided.

Mary Beth Melville 4-27-21

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05/01/21 04:15 PM #1    

Bryant Welch

Dave did not have a high profile at Fairmont, but he was an incredibly bright, sensitive guy with a wonderful sense of humor and keen eye for the ironic that made him uniquely charming for those of us lucky enough to know him. I spent most of the time I did with him in junior high playing what would now be called a fantasy baseball game that I had in part made up and in part plagiarized from some other such games. We both loved escaping into the refuge baseball could provide for young boys of that era. I saw him at the 50th and spoke with him for a while. He was a newspaper editor in a number of places including Burlington Vermont. He still had his love for baseball and the twinkle in his eye that I have over the years noticed in other really good newspaper people. I find it both rich and comforting to have this website at this stage of our lives. I did speak with another classmate who unbeknownst to me also knew him and saw him exactly the way I did. It feels like I should be able to articulate just why that is so wonderful and comforting, but it truly is.  Losing a presence like David's surely must be terribly difficult for his loved ones.

Warmest wishes to all.

Bryant Welch

05/02/21 11:18 AM #2    

James Hardman

In reading David's Obit. He lead a very full life, traveling and experiencing many avenues during his career and lifespan.  May he RIP living such a full life.

JIm H.


05/02/21 12:10 PM #3    

Gretchen Kunz (Gilligan)

Idon't think I ever met David, but wish I had after reading Bryant's poignant tribute to him.   One reason I love this site is because it provides a forum to display precious memories of classmates we've lost.  Thanks for sharing, Bryant.  David was lucky to have had you as a friend.  

05/02/21 03:39 PM #4    

Carol Irvin (Martin)

I remember David as low key but smart and witty. I always considered him a friend while at Fairmont. I'm sad to hear of his passing. 

05/02/21 03:55 PM #5    

Bryant Welch

Thanks, Gretchen. I love the site for the same reason. Ironically, the last contact I had with David was about that very issue. After the 50th I was hoping we could use the site in a little more systematic way to stay in contact. Given David's newspaper skills, I had reached out to him to talk about it. Just, for example, at the 50th, I heard a number of people lament the fact Bucky Keeney was not there. It occurred to me I would love to hear Bucky tell us about his life as he looks at it from age 75. Many people (unfortunately an ever higher percentage) may not be able to travel to reunions, but with technology we could interview or do whatever to find out what has happened to people and to connect with them now. Human lives are fascinating and the fact we experienced each other in those incredibly formative years is a wonderful baseline of experience of them. Alas, David responded positively, and I, I must confess, did not push it along. That may in fact be what prompted me to get off my duff and write my memory of him. Since I wrote it, I have read one of his obits that was captioned something like "Great Yankee Fan Passes Away." As boys David and I taunted each other mercilessly about our respective teams, his the Yankees and mine, the Reds. If I could see him now, I would similarly taunt him by saying, "Hey, David. If you are such a great newspaper guy, how do you explain that your obit begins with a blatant oxymoron like 'Great Yankee Fan.'" But, again, alas, I am too late!

05/04/21 02:45 PM #6    

Elizabeth Margolis (Margolis)

I haven't been able to find the obituary. Is there a link for it?


05/04/21 03:56 PM #7    

Carol Irvin (Martin)

David Herd's Obituary

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