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11/05/14 04:34 PM #90    

Bryant Welch

So, Donna, thanks for this and especially the memory it evoked of N.D. Smart (aka “Norm.”) I don’t want to sound like a name-dropper, but I had a close connection with Norm. A girl (young woman?) I was dating dropped me for Norm. It seems for some reason she thought it was sexier to go to rock concerts as the drummer’s girlfriend than it was to go to debate tournaments with me where 19 year-old guys put on suits made for fifty year-old men and debated erotic topics that presumably would arose any 18 year-old girl. Of course, I am talking about “Resolved, that American should establish a common market with South America.” Norm made it to a very prominent rock group for a while. Could it have been the Buffalo Springfield? Not sure. Unfortunately, he died at a very early age, I think in a motorcycle accident.

 I, too, have enjoyed the renewed activity that has recently revived the webpage. The reunion was just so rich and so satisfying. I do want to say a kind word about Gary Temple, however. I have on several occasions been in Gary’s position of taking minority stances that irritated every one. It takes courage, and Gary’s statement probably breathed a lot of life into the dialogue. I don’t mean to speculate on the source of Gary’s pique, but many people did feel excluded from the clubs that are being discussed. That is not the fault of anyone; it is just a painful fact of adolescence. I am sure Gary would be the first to agree he was not a high school stud. However, it was fascinating to me that by the 30th Reunion women were gossiping that he had become the most handsome member of the class.

All of which to say life is weird, and this is a lot of fun. It was wonderful seeing everyone.


11/05/14 09:56 PM #91    

Ted Nickelson

Thanks Donna and Bryant for the info on Norm at Little Mickeys. Does anyone know if Norm continued in music ? I thought he was a great drummer .  I remember that me and a few guys (Jodi Himbaugh, Steve Collins, and others) informally got together a singing group and went to Norms house one day when he and his band were practicing. One of the guys knew them. Anyway while we were there "jamming" Jodi got a call from Sonny Flarety ( I think that was his name) and he was looking for some background singers for a record he was recording right at that time. We all jumped in a car and ran down to the recording studio. But we were all so nervous that we sounded terrible ! So Sonny diplomatically told is thanks for coming but he was looking for another sound! We were devastated. But we really did sound pretty good when we weren't so nervous. Never did get on a record . But Norm was a great drummer. Little Mickeys, the Diamond Club were really great places to hear some great music and dance to Motown, the Beatles , the Stones. That was the center of my group of friends lives for awhile. But wearing our ANTS jackets to Little Mickeys or the Diamond Club was like waving a red flag at a bull to guys from any other school! We had to fight our way out of some places ! And   I think Roger helped us out a time or two. Roger you were wild but I always knew you were a cool guy! Glad you were on our side bud! 

But the jackets that were the most respected were the Letter jackets that the guys who "lettered" worn. I don't know why the Fairmont coaching staff never recognized my sports talents, but I never got one of those jackets! Ha! High school was not perfect for any of us, but for me, some of it was an experience that I am so happy to have the memories of.  And reading the thoughts of you all is pretty cool. 


11/06/14 02:00 AM #92    

Bryant Welch

Just to correct some earlier information i gave about ND ("Norm") Smart. First, it was not Buffalo Springfield, it was Ian and Sylvia's Great Speckled Bird that he was in. He actually had a very interesting and successful career appearing on Smother Bros. Comedy Hour and the Johnny Carson Show. Second, very fortunately, he does not appear to have died in a motorcycle accident as my cobwebbed memory suggested in my earlier note. He is still alive, but I could not find out where. 

Speaking of drummers, another one who was with us in school for several years before tranferring to Centerville was Freddy Meyers. I think his group was the Rick-Z combo? Freddie was an incredibly nice guy who had a wooden leg. When he stayed over at my house, he would take it off, turn on the light and wave it at me. The last I heard of him he was tutoring Briggette Bardot in France.


11/06/14 07:52 AM #93    


Roger Chandler

More info on Norm (ND) Smart, may be found at:

11/06/14 01:28 PM #94    

David Herd

    Bryant, an update on Freddie Meyer: He and I went to church together at Southminster Presbyterian in Centerville and I knew him fairly well. The band he played in in high school was Ivan and the Sabres. Some of the Sabres (or one at least, Dale Browne) were later in the Lemon Pipers (though I don't think Freddie was). They had a big hit, "Green Tambourine," early in the psychedelic era. Freddie went to live in Paris, became hugely successful there and toured internationally. And yes, Brigitte Bardot was one of his biggest fans. Unfortunately, I lost track of him in the 80s.

11/10/14 06:19 PM #95    

Gayle Hodgkinson (Winkler)

I am of the firm belief  that anyone should be able to say whatever they would like to say. I believe it is people sharing their memories and their experiences and I think it is great. I was in one of the sororites and had a great time. Sadly my memory will not allow me to recall the name; however Carol Daughterty was my little sis. I remember alot of good times and raising some money for some good causes.And Bucky, you are correct . Tim Poulos was popular and handsome and still is. Keep the conversations flowing and in whatever content you wish

11/11/14 07:25 PM #96    

Sandy Shoemaker

To all the gang-members and non-gang-members,   :-D   ,  I could not let Veterans Day pass without expressing my deep appreciation to those of you who served in the military.  Your country called, and you answered.  It was a great sacrifice in your young life, but you answered.  We have ambiguous feelings about the particular wars of our era, but you went and served with honor, and there can be no ambiguity in that.  We love you for it.   Take care, know that you have always been appreciated.    Much love to you,   Sandy

11/11/14 10:27 PM #97    

Gayle Hodgkinson (Winkler)

Amen, Sandy

11/11/14 10:28 PM #98    

Gayle Hodgkinson (Winkler)

Excuse - meant Sandra

11/25/14 10:52 AM #99    

James Overholser

I just received word that Larry McCartney died on November 22 from a 9 year battle w/ cancer, and battle he did as he underwent numerous radiation and experimental chemo treatments at OSU Hospital. It certainly was in character for him to take on difficult challenges. He was best known in Columbus for his backroom politcal savy as he worked closely with Gov. Celeste during his tenure, screening judicial candidates for appointment and woking with heads of State Agencies, such as the Dept of Insurance. Thereafter he was retained by numerous political candidates, not only from Ohio but other states as well, to headup their campaigns. At the time of his death, he ran Opportunities For Ohioans With Disabilities Agency at the request of Gov. Kasich. It speaks well of Larry that a Republican Govenor chose a lifelong Democrat to serve as the Agency chief. When I last saw Larry 2 weeks before our 50th Reunion, all he could talk about was the sucess stories of disabled high school students who had greatly benefitted from his agency's programs..which he had organized with his usual hands-on approach.

I got to know Larry when he transferred to Van Buren from St. Alberts in 8th or 9th grade. He was a  hardnosed fullback, who had played CYO football with Hal Rogero and Bob Abernathy. He lived across from Lew Hinchman's house with his father, a realtor and his mother, the Head nurse at Grandview Hosp. He always seemed to have a girlfriend and I double dated w/ him many times as his father would drive us and our dates to and from wherever we were going. His dad would always keep his eyes on the road as we tried to steal a kiss in the backseat! Larry was always more sucessful than I!

He was a loyal friend for over 50 years. He and I spent the afternoon together on the day JFK was shot, so it's also fitting he died 51 years to the day of that likewise sad event.     

Respectfully submitted,  Jim Overholser


11/26/14 08:23 AM #100    

Karen Atkins (Patton)

Thank you for that wonderful tribute.  So glad we have this forum so we can all stay connected.--

Karen Atkins Patton

11/26/14 09:55 AM #101    

Sally Kindrick (Ekkens)

Greetings Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to All

What a blessing to have had our reunion with such a great response. It has warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face.  

               Best Wishes for a wonderful joy-filled Holiday Season.

                                     Most fondly.......Sally Kindrick Ekkens




11/26/14 06:44 PM #102    


Evelyn Bearzy (Caudill)

Thanks Jim for the update and may he rest in peace. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


11/27/14 10:03 AM #103    


Susan Davis (Skinner)

Thanks Jim for sharing  about Larry's life.  I went to grade school with him at St. Alberts and all the other guys and most of us came over in ninth-grade to Van Buren.  Thank you for giving us a picture of his life to remember him.

11/27/14 10:40 AM #104    

Jerrold Dodd

Sorry that I can't remember Larry but let me take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving. I'm sure each and every one of us has something to be grateful for. 

11/28/14 07:48 PM #105    

Norbert Keeney

Thank you Jimmy O for the update on Larry. I didn't see Larry after we graduated, but remember him at Van Buren and Fairmont. He sat behind me in English class when we were seniors. He had a great sense on humor and was a real gentleman. He was a Dragon!  Rest in peace Larry.

Hope everyone had a Safe and Wonderful Thanksgiving.

Evelyn I looked hard for you and Roy on the TV when Dayton was playing in Puerto Rico.


12/17/14 08:03 AM #106    

Karen Atkins (Patton)

Daughter's family on left, son's family on right,  Brent and I in VA/

2014 was a great year with the reunion being the icing on the cake.  I wish all of you a very merry holiday season and many blessings for 2015.  GO DRAGONS!

12/18/14 07:36 AM #107    

Joyce Nickelson (Wilbur)

Hi everyone, This is my first time sending a message so here goes. I missed the reunion. I understand that was

really nice and if there is a 55 year I will try to be there. My years at Fairmont were good years. I wasn't popular

or anything like that. You probably don't even remember me. But that is alright.

My reason for writing is to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope this does not offen anyone but "Juses is the reason for the season."

Thank you

Joyce Nickelson Wilbur

12/18/14 08:41 AM #108    

Ronald Rookstool

Well said Joyce. There are so many in our class, who like you, are not remembered. I too wish all our classmates (and their families) a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

12/19/14 08:14 AM #109    

Barbara Wilkins (Golden)


Of course I remember you..I also was not a popular kid but did have my share of friends at Fairmont and cherish each and every one of them

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas

12/19/14 09:22 AM #110    

James Hardman

Well, I guess since I ran out of Christmas cards....


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!  cool  Jim H.

12/19/14 01:55 PM #111    

Ted Nickelson

Joyce. I vaguely remember you. Oh! Wait a minute! You are my sister! Ha! Live you sis.


12/19/14 01:58 PM #112    

Ted Nickelson

Trying to type on a touch screen and spell correctly when you can't see is difficult. Love you Joyce. 

02/13/15 10:16 AM #113    

Sally Kindrick (Ekkens)

A Warm Valentine's Greeting to All

Was such a joy to be together at our reunion

Best regards,

Sally Kindrick Ekkens

03/21/15 07:38 PM #114    

Allene Presley (Anderson)

Anyone that missed the class reunion picture. Here is the information I got:


Ed Espisito

806 Sipos Circle

Englewood, Ohio 45322

$22.00 and put Fairmont 1964 reunion picture



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